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"This Is CX" is a discussion about all-things "customer experience", hosted by two guys (Mike Manfredo and Paul Hagen) that want to help people understand what customer experience is and how it can be done in a way that creates real value. We will share personal experiences and best practices, in our hope to make the world a little more customer-centric.

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    Reaction to the Wall Street Journal's Article on NPS

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss the Wall Street Journal’s article about the Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a “fad” metric being used by organizations in an attempt to demonstrate their focus on customers – ultimately highlighting many perceived challenges with the metric itself. They discuss what the article got right, what it got wrong, and some best practices to avoid the identified measurement challenges.

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    An Interview with Angela Ferrante and Emily Rasowsky, CX Leaders at Sparkfund

    In this episdoe, Mike and Paul are joined by Angela Ferrante and Emily Rasowsky, CX leaders from the company Sparkfund, a subscription-based provider of building energy systems for businesses. We discuss how and why Sparkfund built a CX discipline, the challenges they've faced in executing on this vision, the relationship between a CX Leader and CX Executive Sponsor, and some key lessons learned for other CX leaders.

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    An Interview with Todd Unger, Chief Experience Officer of the AMA

    In this episode, Mike is joined by special guest Todd Unger - Chief Experience Officer at The American Medical Association - to discuss his path to becoming a C-level executive focused on delivery of value through the day-to-day engagement with customers at the AMA. They discuss how the role fits within the organization, the successes and challenges he's had with delivering on his vision for customer engagement, and sharing some key lessons-learned for other experience leaders within their organizations.

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    The Impact of a Customer-Driven Digital "Product" Mindset

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are once again joined by Kyle Hutchins, Senior Director and leader of WMP's Digital practice, and Nick Hahn, Director in WMP's Digital practice, to discuss CX's impact on an organization's digital transformation efforts. During this conversation, the group discusses the need to be a "capabilities-led" organization that puts the customer journey at the heart of the business, including potential overlap or alignment with CX capabilities, to make digital transformation successful. The conversation wraps up with a couple of key takeaways for CX leaders to fully support (or lead) their organizations' digital transformation efforts.

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    A Discussion on Customer Experience and Digital Transformation

    In this episode, Mike and Paul and joined by Kyle Hutchins, Senior Director and leader of WMP’s Digital practice, and Nick Hahn, Director in WMP’s Digital practice, to discuss CX’s impact on an organization’s digital transformation efforts. During the conversation, the group talks about how organizations create new value for customers within rapidly changing environments (thanks to digital enablement), key tips for success, which issues trip companies up in their transformation efforts, potential organizational structures that manage these large transformations (including CX leadership roles), and how to get started within the organization.

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    An Update on Emerging Technologies and CX

    In this episode, Paul and Mike welcome back their colleague John Sprunger, Senior Architect in West Monroe Partners' Technology practice, to give us an update on three key emerging technologies that were highlighted last year as opportunities for CX professionals to support or lead experimentation efforts to improve the customer experience for their organization, including: Conversational Interfaces (chat bots), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Machine Learning (ML).

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    Episode 39: Gazing into the Crystal Ball - CX Trends for 2019

    In this episode, Paul and Mike discuss five key trends they see impacting the CX world in 2019 with which CX Professionals should be considering for their own organizations and profession, including experimenting with new technology, the consolidation of the CX Tech space, focus on value creation to avoid CX's demise, CX's place in recession-proofing your business, and the continued focus on linking Employee Experience and Customer Experience.

    Paul and Mike would like to thank all of their listeners for following along in 2018, and look forward to picking back up in 2019. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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    Episode 38: An Introduction to Blockchain and CX

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are joined by Kayvon Hosseini, a Blockchain expert at West Monroe. We explore what Blockchain is, what it means for customer experience leaders, how firms are getting started with it and the opportunities for CX pros to ensure the needs of customers/employees are met.

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    Episode 37: Giving Thanks for Your Customers (2018)

    In this holiday-themed episode, Paul and Mike discuss the importance of organizations showing their thankfulness for customers (i.e. no customers = no business) and the different ways this is done by CX leaders. They also highlight the importance of organizations thanking their employees, as they drive key experiences for customers.

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    Episode 36: Is CX in danger of dying?

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss some troubling statistics about the customer experience field that threaten its future. They discuss the business failure to realize financial benefit or differentiation through customer-centric transformations, the reasons for this lack of success, what it means for CX professionals and business executives, and what organizations can do to fix the problems.

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