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"This Is CX" is a discussion about all-things "customer experience", hosted by two guys (Mike Manfredo and Paul Hagen) that want to help people understand what customer experience is and how it can be done in a way that creates real value. We will share personal experiences and best practices, in our hope to make the world a little more customer-centric.

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    Episode 29: A Discussion on B2B Customer Experience

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss business-to-business, or B2B, customer experience (and B2B2C or other business models) and the impact of individuals' B2C customer experiences on it. As part of this discussion, they discuss the similarities and differences across the core CX competencies (strategy, customer understanding, governance, measurement, and delivery), including the different challenges these B2B organization face.

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    Episode 28: Building a CX Operating Model

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss the CX Operating Model: what it is, why an organization needs one, and the components that are required to build one. During their discussion, they talk about the purposed of the Operating Model (the "charter"), how the operating model helps make the organization's CX North Star real, the people and structure of the CX function, the processes required to make decisions (governance), metrics to show success, and core tools for the CX Operating Model.

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    Episode 27: Delivering New Experiences through Augmented Reality

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are joined by John Sprunger, a Senior Manager in West Monroe's Technology practice to talk about Augmented Reality - what it is, why it's valuable, how to get started, and what challenges exist, ultimately discussing the potential impact on CX by delivering new experiences via Augmented Reality.

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    Episode 26: Adapt or Fail - CX's Role in Business Agility

    In this episode, Mike and Paul revisit the topic of Business Agility, the advantage it can provide organizations when done properly, and the role CX leaders and functions can play in driving agility within organizations. They discuss some of the results identified from research completed by West Monroe Partners and the CXPA, including what are top challenges for achieving more business agility, who is leading these initiatives within organizations, and top reasons and tools that make CX Leaders successful in leading these initiatives within organizations.

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    Episode 25: A Framework to Measure Customer Experience

    In this episode, Mike and Paul welcome Mike Rowland, a Director in WMP's CX Practice and leader of the CX Strategy team, to discuss a broader CX Measurement Framework to demonstrate the value that CX can deliver to an organization and its customers. We recap what CX Measurement is and how using the "Balance Scorecard" framework to measure the perception of CX, Employee Empowerment, and Operational Efficiencies, and Financial Outcomes and provide the appropriate "balance" when managing Customer Experience within an organization to deliver value. We also discuss that value of "hallway metrics" and the future of CX measurement.

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    Episode 24: Automating CX Through Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are joined by Mark Snyder, a Senior Manager in West Monroe's Operation Excellence practice to talk about Robotics Process Automation - what it is, why it's important, and its impact on an organization's ability to deliver a great customer experience. Mark highlights some of the key challenges that organizations are facing while implementing RPA, including a discussion around the impact of automation to employees.

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    Episode 23: You Talkin' to Me? An Intro to Chatbots

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are joined by John Sprunger, a Senior Manager in West Monroe's Technology practice to talk about Conversational Interfaces and Chatbots - what they are, why they're valuable, how to get started, what challenges exist. At the end, we talk about the potential impact on CX of talking to machines, instead of humans, and the ability to deliver a great experience to customers.

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    Episode 22: Gazing into the CX Crystal Ball

    In this episode, Mike and Paul "gaze into the CX crystal ball" and talk about some trends they're seeing in the market and its impact on customer experience, including chatbots and conversational interfaces, robotics, augmented reality, and the like.

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    Episode 21: Personalizing the Experience with Journey Analytics

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are once again joined by Dan Magestro from West Monroe's Analytics practice to discuss "journey analytics", including the value of using data to help personalize customers' experiences with organizations by measuring and understanding the current experience and predicting and prescribing "next best actions" within experiences to deliver a more effortless experience.

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    Episode 20: Giving Thanks for Customers (and Employees)

    In this special holiday-themed episode, Paul and Mike discuss the importance of organizations showing their thankfulness for customers (i.e. no customers = no business) and the different ways and times this is done by CX leaders, from highlighting customer success to gamification. They also highlight the importance of organizations thanking their employees, as they drive key experiences for customers.

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