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"This Is CX" is a discussion about all-things "customer experience", hosted by two guys (Mike Manfredo and Paul Hagen) that want to help people understand what customer experience is and how it can be done in a way that creates real value. We will share personal experiences and best practices, in our hope to make the world a little more customer-centric.

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    Episode 37: Giving Thanks for Your Customers (2018)

    In this holiday-themed episode, Paul and Mike discuss the importance of organizations showing their thankfulness for customers (i.e. no customers = no business) and the different ways this is done by CX leaders. They also highlight the importance of organizations thanking their employees, as they drive key experiences for customers.

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    Episode 36: Is CX in danger of dying?

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss some troubling statistics about the customer experience field that threaten its future. They discuss the business failure to realize financial benefit or differentiation through customer-centric transformations, the reasons for this lack of success, what it means for CX professionals and business executives, and what organizations can do to fix the problems.

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    Episode 35: Driving Action from Customer Insights

    In this episode, Mike and Paul talk about some key challenges organizations face in broadly taking action on customer insights that organizations identify. They discuss changing behavior by making insights more approachable and integrated in employee tools and daily activities to enable real-time decisions based on customer data, while avoiding the dreaded score-chasing culture mistake.

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    Episode 34: Understanding Employee Engagement Through Voice of the Employee (VoE)

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are joined by Eric Freshour, a Senior Manager in West Monroe’s Organizational Change Management practice, to discuss the role of employee engagement in the success of large-scale customer-centric transformations and the importance of a Voice of the Employee capability to have a pulse on the thoughts and emotions of your employees.

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    Episode 33: Bringing Customer Success and Customer Experience Together

    In this episode, Paul and Mike talk about the intersection of Customer Experience and an emerging role called Customer Success. They talk about what it is, why it’s important to businesses, and how it relates back to customer experience. During this discussion, Paul and Mike talk about how these two functions within the organization can work together and learn from each other to help the organization deliver a positive customer experience and build longer, more loyal relationships with their customers ( with some key statistics) by ensuring their success when using an organization’s product or service. They also suggest to CX leaders outside of the B2B tech industry to borrow ideas from this new set of practices.

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    Episode 32: Using Human-Centered Design to Improve Employee Experience

    In this episode, Mike and Paul are joined by colleague Alex Foucre-Stimes, a Manager in West Monroe’s Customer Experience practice, to discuss the use of the same human-centered design tools we use to improve customer experiences - including personas, journey maps, “customer” research, etc. - to ensure success in improving employee experiences from recruitment and onboarding through technology initiatives (e.g., employee collaboration or portal platforms, Microsoft Office 365, CRM, and core business platforms).

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    Episode 31: A CX Day Interview with Heidi Shelton

    In this special “CX Day” episode, Mike and Paul are joined by special guest Heidi Shelton – Senior Director, User Experience at SEPHORA – to discuss the evolution of her career focus from “user experience” to “experience design and optimization” while helping transform large organizations into becoming more customer and employee centric, and highlighting the impact that a better employee experience has on delivering a better customer experience.

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    Episode 30: An Introduction to Employee Experience

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss employee experience: what it is, what it means for organizations, and its impact on customer experience. There are a number of terms out there related to EX (employee engagement, experience, empowerment, etc.), and we discuss how they are the same and not, and how companies can start to address EX efforts within their organization.

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    Episode 29: A Discussion on B2B Customer Experience

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss business-to-business, or B2B, customer experience (and B2B2C or other business models) and the impact of individuals' B2C customer experiences on it. As part of this discussion, they discuss the similarities and differences across the core CX competencies (strategy, customer understanding, governance, measurement, and delivery), including the different challenges these B2B organization face.

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    Episode 28: Building a CX Operating Model

    In this episode, Mike and Paul discuss the CX Operating Model: what it is, why an organization needs one, and the components that are required to build one. During their discussion, they talk about the purposed of the Operating Model (the "charter"), how the operating model helps make the organization's CX North Star real, the people and structure of the CX function, the processes required to make decisions (governance), metrics to show success, and core tools for the CX Operating Model.

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